Saturday, January 28, 2012

Speaking In Color

Deborah Kass likes to be seen and heard; through her art work. She's not shouting, but she does get your attention and many of the paintings are constructed with words or phrases.

This image is from her Website, where you'll find a good sampling of her work. But please go HERE and watch the video, studio visit. It's entertaining and you'll come to understand the art-historical influences that precipitate her different series.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Damien Hirst Does Spots

     A lot , correction, an awful lot has been said about Damien Hirst's Global Exhibition of Spot Paintings which made me decide to refrain from commenting. It seemed like one more review and we'd all blow up from information/opinion overload.

Fortunately for mankind, here is the man himself, sanely explaining what, hows come and why. Very nice.

Damien Hirst: On the Spotfrom Matt Black on
- If you're seeing a white screen where the vidoe should be, just click on the first link (Damien Hirst . . ) to access the video.

AND, you'll find an eighteen-plus, minute video of an interview with Charlie Rose HERE.

     By now, you're quite aware that this Blog is about pointillism and paintings with dots. To my knowledge, Hirst is the only artist who calls his marks, spots. In my opinion spots are bigger than dots, so the thought occurred that maybe we should have a new category called Spot Paintings into which I would place artists who make larger dots - which qualify as spots.  For example: Thomas Downing.

What are you thoughts ?

Video from

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stencil On Cardboard

This video is quite a dramatic introduction to the amazing work of EVOL. He works hard at the realism and juxtaposes it with the casualness of cardboard, which magically adds even more authenticity to the work.

Hungry for more images?

Wilde Gallery has a pdf with an interview and many images.

flickr search.     Google Image search.
A fun video showing how he does it with many layers of stencils.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Child Pointillism

The concept by artist Yayoi Kusama was simple; provide a stark, white space and turn kids loose with colored stickers. Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art supplied the average-home type space and the dots: the results are delightful. What better way to introduce the young to modern pointillism, than by the master herself.

See the humorous photo set HERE.

Image is from Twisted Sifter, courtesy of Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Fresh Ideas

When is a painting not a painting ? In the case of Sarah Steinwachs, you'll forget that question as you're swept up in her luminous and sometimes glorious hand-cut paper and mixed media works. Please enlarge this image, from her Website and you'll understand completely. Then visit her Site for more palette-cleansing works.