Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Using Words In Paintings

If you're like me, you didn't realize just how pervasive the use of words, letters, numbers, and language was in art, all though the years. What started out as a simple query on the Web has turned into an avalanche of results. Some form of calligraphy, calligraphic gesture or writing can be found in almost every genre. I'm especially drawn to works like this, which sparks me to search for even more artists which I then list (links) in the right hand column.

This work by Brian Gysin, is from the Nov. 28, 07 post on a new Blog I found called Gramatologia.

You'll have a hard time tracking down a comprehensive site about him, but there are two more great examples of his abstract calligraphy Here.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bold New Paintings

Anything by Gunther Forg has always caught my eye. But these new paintings of his are just tremendous. This image is from Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, where he's currently showing.
When you go to that link you'll also be able to see images of his work from 07, 05 and 04.

The above image does nothing to convey the beauty and happiness of these paintings. In fact it's downright unappealing. So please treat yourself and go HERE to see a video of the Vernissage of their new space. You'll notice in the little toolbar at the bottom of the video, that you can make it full screen. You really must see these paintings in the context of the video; they are absolutely beautiful.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Gorgeous

David Cantine has an amazingly focused oeuvre. You'll understand what I mean when you visit the link below. I have great admiration for what he does, but it's his earlier, looser works (like the one below) that most attract me.

This image is from a review at Gallerieswest where you can read about his unique style.


My Buddy, Pablo

This work immediately caught my eye; and how would you describe the technique used here ?
I should have known, it's by Pablo Picasso. Memories flooded my mind. For me he was a real hero and for years I would try to emulate some aspects of his style.
And the man sure did produce. It seems like they're always finding more of his work.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dot Dice

Posting has been slow on account I've been painting and getting ready to exhibit at the outdoor show at Hammondsport, NY.

Have had this painting on my 'desktop" for a while now and thought I'd share it.
Found this image on the Rocktown, Indiana Blog. It's a work by Thomas Nozkowski from his show at Pace Wildenstein Gallery. This is not typical of his work, but it certainly caught my eye. It looks like there's an underpainting which he painted over, forming circular openings which would let the former show through and which become the positive aspect of this painting; adding the red, yellow and blue to give more strength.
Yet another artist does dots . . . . .