Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dot Dice

Posting has been slow on account I've been painting and getting ready to exhibit at the outdoor show at Hammondsport, NY.

Have had this painting on my 'desktop" for a while now and thought I'd share it.
Found this image on the Rocktown, Indiana Blog. It's a work by Thomas Nozkowski from his show at Pace Wildenstein Gallery. This is not typical of his work, but it certainly caught my eye. It looks like there's an underpainting which he painted over, forming circular openings which would let the former show through and which become the positive aspect of this painting; adding the red, yellow and blue to give more strength.
Yet another artist does dots . . . . .


harold hollingsworth said...

just was introduced to him from artist Kimberly Trowbridge, whose work you ought to take a peak at.

Good luck with you show!

Hooper said...

Hi TAckad,

I had the pleasure of working with Thomas Nozkowski when he was still represented by Max Protetch. I was always amazed at his work-he can tease so many different motifs out of so many paintings and still make the work his own. He only has a few standard sizes he always uses-smallish-around 22"x28". Tom is now REALLY getting the recognition he deserves being in this last Venice Biennale!


tackad said...

Thanks for your responses - sorry for my slow response . . . .