Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dot Sampler

A while back when Gagosian was doing the Damien Hirst Dot Extravaganza, a Blog named All About Art decided to do a Sampler, of sorts. There's more than a few pleasant surprises here and once again we're reminded of how so many different artists have their own take on any given genre.

If this has whet your appetite for all things, dots, you'll get some real satisfaction from checking out the artists in the far right column under the headings of - Paintings With Dots, Post Modern Pointillism, and Dottillism.

The image above is Joanne Mattera's "Cera 34", 2000  encaustic on panel, 24X24 inches; courtesy of Arden gallery via All About Art.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Man Of Few Words

 . . . or not.
Marcus may or may not be saying anything in his paintings - but he's not saying. By that I mean that he doesn't explain what the words say or do, other than to mention that his works incorporate "graffiti-esque" elements. Either way, I really like what's going on here and the way he treats language in his compositions.

The image is from Craighead Green Galley, but you'll find more images and more info at Markowicz Fine Art.