Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bernd Haussmann

Both images are from Chase Gallery in Boston, check out their other artists.

The thing about Bernd Haussmann is that you must see his paintings in a context. Viewing them on a blank page or in a group - they seem puzzling, strange. But when you see his work in a home or business - anything that has other life around it, that's when it really comes to life. Actually it's like the star hitter on a team. It's what pulls everything together and makes life sing.

His paintings do the same thing for me as work by Cy Twombly. It makes my mind just stop.

Visit His web site - there's a list of galleries(links) for you to see plenty of his work. And you'll want to see his new work .


Sam said...

Plus he's really nice.

tracy said...

And a fabulous cook.