Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tom Sawyer In The Woods


I've just had a most pleasurable evening traveling around the globe with an ever widening smile crossing my face while viewing the handiwork of man in so many social forms. Treat yourself to visiting VALGARE.
First off, the colors and patterning in this picture immediately bring to mind Gustav Klimt and then, once you realize the image is for real, you start to wonder why: and how long did it take and that's when I pictured some teen with two buckets of paint which brought to mind Tom Sawyer . . . . .
Image is from les surfaces flickr page.

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John Diamond-Nigh said...

I like the trees, I like almost any forest I've ever met, but really just wanted to say thanks for the nice comments and, having your prolific site bookmarked, will stay abreast. John dn