Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pleasant Surprises

My Very Strength (is my weakness)

A while back, I finally got around to moving my "studio" from the screened-in porch to my bedroom for the winter: the timing was perfect. A special work table, my paints on a small 3-shelf bookcase and a 4' tall rack to hold paintings-in-progress was all that would fit and still allow me to enjoy the limited space. So I got settled into my room, surveyed the different paintings that should be "finished" and pulled this one out with every intention of taking it further. At least five or more years ago, this piece began from one of those moments in time where you have no idea what you're doing, but you  feel compelled to do it; almost like an itch. An artistic itch, I suppose. I remember, now that I was going through a difficult time; barely hanging on emotionally. And with no more ideas or direction, it sat until months or years later some blue, pink and cream was added to the background.  But now, suddenly I was falling in love with it. This felt more like a gift that I had finally gotten around to noticing and right out loud I said "I'm not touching this". So it hangs above the side of my bed and every morning and evening as I open or close my eyes, amazement and admiration fills me and I wonder how in the world I went about making this and could the process ever be repeated. "How did I do that?" - a thought that so often comes to an artist when viewing one of their successful paintings.

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