Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Dot Phase

     So many artists go through a "dot phase" as to make you think it's de rigueur. Whether they're sampling others' ideas or stretching their own boundaries, using the dot as a tool or sole subject matter is an exercise with a long history of success.

     Eli Bornowsky's production of dot paintings in 2008, 9 and 10 are not only fascinating and pleasing, but they have a scientific feel to them; as through he is testing color theories. I think that after the over exposure to Hirst's particular grid pattern, you'll find Bornowsky's compositions a welcome and soothing relief.

     This image is from his Website and targeted to the Works on Paper, page. Be sure to also check out the paintings from 2010; then click on the other links to see how different his work is before and after the dot phase. You may agree with me in thinking that his most beautiful paintings are the Dots.


ska said...

Saw your comments on Joanne's blog. My feeling is that dots can be spots but not all spots are dots. ie, the spots on dogs, cows, etc are not always circles. Dots are circles, spots are spots, ie not always perfect circles, they can be splashes that are somewhat circular but extend beyond. Enjoyed your blog. Mine is figural encaustic mostly: I use a blog as a website. S Arnold

tackad said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. And I see your point about the spots - hadn't thought about that aspect . . .
On the one hand I'm seriously considering adding a Spot category and one for Circles. On the other hand I'm going through a yearly phase where I consider retiring the Blog. I literally have hundreds of categorized artists saved in my favorites that I haven't posted about yet - it's never ending.
Congratulations on the way you use blogger for a website. Very nice.
I had wanted to contact you personally, but my POP someting isn't set right. Would you consider showing your email address so you can be contacted? (from what I understand if you use all words like "at" and "dot com" the spam robots don't see it . . . .)

Bruce Black said...

Thanks for sharing the work of Eli Bornowsky. I love geometric abstraction and find it an infinite realm of possibilities. It is also always intellectually challenging. One of the best I've seen, is Robert Straight ( at the University of Deleware. Check out his work if you get a chance.

P.S. This is a great blog you've got going.

tackad said...

It's reactions like these that keep me going. Thank you for the comment and the link. I like your work as well.