Friday, June 08, 2012

ReWriting Graffiti

You've probably heard me say it before; in watching the street art/urban art and graffiti movements, you see all of what's come before in the fine art world, percolating down through and into these Kids works. It's almost as if they're taking classes at night, learning about all the "schools of art" that have shaped our modern-art world. The four works in the above image from his Show at Doze Collective, are by Dale VN Marshall aka "Vermin". If this fascinates you, follow the links to see the three different styles of his work and read about his very fascinating story.

You can start by visiting his Blog. Please take the time to go back though his Blog - there are some amazing works, but they were just too big to put in this post.

 Here's more from Doze and a flickr photostream.

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