Thursday, December 27, 2012

Curing A Painting

Something amazing happens to paintings over time; they actually seem to cure. At least it would seem that way and I'm not completely convinced that it's all mental.  While sorting through the images of all my paintings, I came across this picture of  "Dream Canon" (the painting above),  done in Georgia  in the late 80's. Newly created works are always more harshly critiqued by the artist. But let a good bit of time go by and the emotional connection with it changes and it becomes easier to see and appreciate it in a new way.

The original under-painting was some sort of landscape with collage that I had circled areas of particular interest and then turned on it's right side and proceeded to cover with dots. I put the effort into building and painting a frame for it and remember thoroughly enjoying what I had accomplished. But seeing it now in this new context - well, I'm rather amazed by my own style and content.

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