Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pause or Finish

Each artist tackles their paintings differently. Some have a master plan and work on sections at a time, others, like myself advance the piece in a general overall manner. And in doing so, there are "pause points' - times when one can sit back and thoroughly enjoy the visuals as they are and take one's time considering the next move.

At the moment, this particular painting with the working title of "run" is giving me great pleasure; so much so that I'm tempted to pronounce it "done". But there have been times in the past when I've been too anxious, and later regretted varnishing a work when further changes could have been made.

So I think I'll just take my time and enjoy this little number while it cures.


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Margaret Ryall said...

pause points... I'm with you on that for all the reasons you've laid out. I've learned the hard way to put a painting aside to let it breath for awhile.