Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm Curious

as to how the art market is going to sort itself out. Deep down in our hearts we all know that it's not just talent. It really is all about who you know, what country your a citizen of, your sex sometimes, your ethnicity, your personality - all this comes into play. Gee, just like in real life. Too bad I don't have the big bucks to vote on who I think should be considered modern masters.

With all due (and very much)respect to Sean Scully and Brice Marden and their very focused oeuvre, what about the "X man" Allen Maddox ? An Australian. Think about it - this guy spent his career working with the x and a grid. The story goes that it all started with his frustration over his earlier work and he x'd them out. Personally, I think he's over due for his due.

There's a book that came out a while back (conspiracy theory plot) about how the US government went about making American Modern Art the big-time thing it is today. If any of you know the title please let me know - been wanting to read it. It's really not that impossible. Big money makes the market . . . .

Please feel free to use the Search Tools to your left and remember that search engines gives different results. There are also some other real sweet works he did that you'll need to do a web search to find. (instead of an image search) (Go figure . . ) Type in Allen Maddox, paintings.
His life and work make for fascinating reading. You'll enjoy.

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