Tuesday, February 12, 2008

comPAIRS 3

What we have here is 3-dimensional calligraphic gesture.

On the right is "SQUIGGLELinearB307" by Creighton Michael. Read more about his thoughts and reasoning on his Squiggle and Scribble page; one of several styles of Sculptures.

And on your left is Shinique Smith. The image is of "Nobody's Fool, GMG Version" from her page at the Skestos Gabriele Gallery. You'll find more examples of her work at Moti Hasson Gallery and go see her Exhibition there as well.
With a little research you'll find that they are coming at their sculptures/installations by two different trains of thought and processes. But for me, I see the singularity, beauty and strength of the calligraphic gesture and the creative possibilities of it existing beyond the parameters of 2-dimensions.

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