Friday, February 01, 2008


It's always a special treat to see the workspace in which an artist does his thing. Some make do with what they have; others can afford to rent, buy or build spaces that are more compatable with their needs. Your enviornment surely affects how you work and how you approach your subject matter. For all of the outside stimuli that we need, the insular world of the artist's studio surely molds his oeuvre.

We'll start this random series with Marc Katano, a 55 year old American who has 39 solo shows under his belt and his works hang in more than a few Art Museums. Born in Tokyo, Japan in 1952, he got his BFA at California College of the Arts in Oakland in '75 and now lives in Los Angeles.

You'll cerainly want to visit his Website and see his work which he's catalogued nicely. The Japanese calligraphic influences are very apparent and forthright and his Artist Statement is concise and honest.