Sunday, June 08, 2008

Art 39 Basel

After several years of following the Art Fairs virtually, it's dawned on me that you get your impression of the event from the pictures (and vids) you see - DUH ! So what might seem happening and clever to one reporter may come across as weird, worthless junk by the viewer. So it's not all that hard to have a skewed opinion.

The blog coverage of Art 39 Basel has been truly sparse and frustrating. A lot of bloggers are all to happy to go to Miami; but their not about to cross the Atlantic to cover Basel. So it's mostly video coverage that we get from Vernissage TV. And that's fine. What they're presenting is their impression of a huge event, so we just get glimpses of a very small part of the art work.

My opening statement is certainly all too obvious, but it's always so easy to come to a quick conclusion or opinion when offered some images. In all honesty there's no way I can comment about any of the Art Fairs. I certainly wish I could go and would love to find the real gems of Art being offered.

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