Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bold Abstracts

Bold, simple abstracts at times seem to be the height of luxury; mental luxury.

Take this painting on paper by Lisa Hamilton as an example. Simply titled "012006", 2006 acrylic on paper, 22" x 28", it immediately pulls you in and then holds you still. It is bold and dynamic and yet peaceful, bright and clean. There is so much personality to this work.

The image is from her web site, where you'll find lots more to entertain your psyche.

It's always a treat to see how an artist progresses; to see the many twists and turns in their oeuvre as they mature. After you view all her other work, treat yourself by looking at the images in the category - "paintings from a previous body of work". You'll be surprised.


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harold hollingsworth said...

simply beautiful, dang...