Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blobs and Drips

And finally, in our Looks-like-Cy Twombly game, is Contestant #3 - Shahriar Ahmadi.

He's the youngest of the three, but is certainly no sloucher. Although Born in 1979 in Iran, he's shown in 50 solo and group exhibitions, in Iran, USA, London and China , and gotten awards.

With him, it's not so much simulation or emulation (there's certainly no confusing him with Twombly) as it is certain recognizable elements of that particular oeuvre. For example we have a fascinating green blob that dominates, complete with drips and then a few other supporting colors and gestures and what looks like unreadable script at the top. All of these are typical elements of a Twombly painting. But Shahriar makes these his own and for his own reasons.

This image is from and you can see other examples of his work at the B21 Gallery.

You'll find two additional images here.


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