Friday, May 23, 2008

Dean Aldrich - Master Artist

Is it just me, or do we all picture ourselves, from time to time, as great and famous artists ? And in those moments of reverie don't we look upon certain works as being totally representative of our oeuvre ?

I've always considered this work - "Roundelay" - a touchstone.
Gesso on a panel is terrific; it just begs to be written on. So I framed it from behind to give it preeminence. It has one thin coat and as the years pass the tone will change. The word puzzle says; "certain you were part of the play". Then there's the pieces of collage, cut from things that I've painted, either on paper or canvas and some are second generation collage. There's the strip of newspaper across the bottom with what looks like the title - "Heavenly Pieces of Devilishly FUN".

For me, this totally represents what I think is unique to me; sort of a primer on my oeuvre..

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