Friday, May 09, 2008

Cy Twombly Look-A-Like

Contestant #1 - Fereydoun Ave

I had just recently discovered Cy Twombly and was naturally drawn to work that is somewhat similar to his. Fereydoun Ave has a unique relationship with Cy that I'm sure colors his own oeuvre. I'll let you read the article Here.

This image is from his show Lal Dahlias at the B21 Gallery where you'll find lots of images from that show.

Read a review and see images from his Show, Persian Miniatures 2006: A set of fifteen mixed media works with photography, at the Silk Road Gallery.

Also in Tehran, is a review and images of his Show, The Four Seasons II, at the 13 Vanak Gallery.

And you'll find an interesting interview in Time Out Dubai, here.

For an image of one of his collage works, go here.
When you see this piece from 1998, you'll probably understand my comments in the first paragraph.

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