Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dotty & Delicious ?

Notice how this painting immediately makes so much sense and then it becomes mysterious. It took a little bit till I saw the man in the bed. What's so cool is how this scene is just casually put on top of the picture of the bedroom and it just doesn't matter that it's all a-kilter. In fact that's what makes it so charming. That's what makes it work.

This is Farhad Moshiri; born in Shiraz, Iran, he lives and works in Tehran, Iran.

He has several interesting and different oeuvres that you might want to check out. But in this particular series he applies his paint by using a cake-icing dispenser, so the outline of the characters is 3-D and ornate. Pretty cool, eh ?

The image is from Daneyal Mahmood Gallery where you'll find more images and information on this interesting artist.

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