Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Abstracts With Scribbles

What would the painters of yore would think of our abstract art today? I wonder if they'd be able to appreciate simple works like this abstract with scribbles.

At any rate, this is Michael Napper and he's definitely into including writing elements(or at the least, scribbles) into his abstracts. What fascinates me is the seemingly careless way with which his images are made and yet how they tease our mind to "see" things. The longer you look, the more important the subject matter becomes. I'm always reminded of how quickly our mind tries to recognize icons and associate one thing with another. Michael presents us with a light concoction of abstraction and writing gestures and our mind proceeds to put together a story.
The image is from, and he's represented by d.e.n. contemporary where you'll find 6 more examples of his work. And Here's a couple of shots from his exhibit in 2005.


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