Friday, July 10, 2009

Jumbled Words

As I studied these intimate and labor intensive pieces by Susie Grant, it piqued my interest as to what her Artist Statement might say. I was refreshingly surprised by the low key attitude she expressed. Simple and realistic, her Statement paints a picture of her thoroughly enjoying the work that goes into creating these small collages. Nothing super fantastic or earth shaking is going on here. Just a very creative and patient woman who doesn't mind taking the time to really, cut & paste with a sense of humor. Some of her pieces are pleasant abstracts composed entirely of different size and colored O's. Other works contain many letters that instantly set you to searching for words and phases.
It's unfortunate that there's not more about her on the Web; we'd like to see more by this talented artist.
These images are from her Website. Clicking on the images there, will show a closeup that lets you more fully appreciate the labor that has gone into these little gems.

This shows the detail from the image below.

This work is titled All I Have Is What I remember, a collage on 11" x 10"panel.

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