Sunday, July 19, 2009

Scientific, Contemporary Pointillism

I exhaled a huge sigh of relief when I read Laura Paulini's Artist Statement. To hear her explain the way in which she set some parameters and then went about painting her dot paintings as though they were controlled scientific experiments, warmed my heart. You really must read it for yourself. This was so encouraging to me to know that there are others who go about their work in this way; following formulas and also giving much opportunity to chance. There's such a wonderful reward in blindly following your instincts within a basic set of rules. It's like playing a new game and winning.

This image titled "Not Dark Yet",2007 (40" x 40" x 2" Acrylic on panel) is from her Website. Take your time and look around and I think you'll come to appreciate her oeuvre and her approach to making art.

This close-up from a different painting, is from Art Business, where they had a review of her Show at Eleanor Harwood Gallery: Laura Paulini & Jill Sylvia - Allegories of Control.
And THIS is her page at Eleanor Harwood Gallery.

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