Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fresh New Painting


It wasn't that long ago that I was with a group of artists and the topic of discussion was - what's the next big thing in art(painting)/ where is art(painting) going ? Each of us took turns expressing our opinions. Since then it's dawned on me that actually, we're right in the middle of what's next. Well, not those of us in the group; because while we were busy wondering, other artists were, in fact painting "what's next", NOW. Obviously our group is out of touch with what's current and happening - most of which is off our radar. Each of the schools, isms and periods of art that we're familiar with were steps towards more creative freedoms of expression which, after gaining critical mass, have now caused an explosion of ideas and styles: almost too many to name or catalogue anymore. Things are moving at a fast pace and some of us are just not tuned in to the proper circuits to be aware of what's happening right now.

Although I have over a hundred art destinations on my Google Reader, it's becoming the norm to be bored and listless - wishing to find new venues to see fresher painting. Well, tonight I came across several new sites and in pursuing the artists and links and then Googling them and finding even more sites, galleries and artists, I became wonderfully lost in a whole new world of contemporary painting that's very exciting. Normally when I add an art site to my Blogroll, I don't mention it, but I just had the most wonderful visual excursion, courtesy of A/ART and I'm sure you'll want to enjoy the same experience. And it was enjoyable seeing some "older" names in the mix and appreciating how fresh they still are.

Top image is from Sies + Höke, showing the work of DJ Simpson who uses a router to make his marks.
Bottom image Alan Sastre, from his Blog.

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