Thursday, January 07, 2010

Loopy Lines & Lotsa Color


Most of Janet Lage's paintings just seem so darn happy. I don't know what it is; the loopy lines, the almost-Easter-colors, but somehow they boost my spirit. She certainly qualifies for a post on this Blog and I especially like four of the paintings in her Hose Me series, painted on board, because they have even more writing and writing gestures in them.

She gives us no Statement about her work, but I found this on her Art Review page -

" ...Up against it in the studio. Four weeks before my solo show, Hose Me. Very simple answer, the series is informed by every day garden hoses. That was the platform and then I play with both imagery and language when referring to being "Hosed". " - which gives a little insight into her sense of humor.
Both images are from her Website - besides the Galleries, be sure to check out her Archive to see all the rest of her work.

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