Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming In Dots

Have you ever been ambivalent about your paintings ? I sure have; and this little gem is a prime example. Most of my paintings start with a title or get one early on, but it took some head-scratching after I finished this one to come up with the title, "Reaching Back For A Dream". I don't recall feeling like painting this was work; I certainly enjoyed myself. It's just that there was no big idea or fascinating train of thought or point to prove. Nope, it was just a quiet, calm, comforting work to bring about: dots over a nonspecific abstract. For the most part, I've tended to regard this piece with a lot less entheusiasm. But tonight, after spending some time looking at paintings on blogs and art news site, I decided to spend a few moments with it and suddenly I realized just how sweet this work really is. And what a nice feeling THAT is.

 Please click on image to enlarge.

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