Monday, October 24, 2011

Painting, Writing & collage

This is one of several recent paintings where I've returned to my own particular painting roots which incorporate painting, drawing, writing, pastel and pencil work, newspaper collage and generated collage. (can't think of a proper term for it at the moment, what I'm talking about is collage generated by cutting up personal paintings or drawings: some of which might be over 20 years old, like the red piece, top right.) As usual, the title came early on in the painting: "The Other Side Of The Nickel".  I won't bore you with the details, but there's a story nice behind each component, including the writing parts.

At the moment it's hanging above the foot of my bed and every morning and evening I get to enjoy it all over again. This is on the thinner version of gallery-wrap canvas, so the painting extends around the edges. The word "water" is mostly on the bottom of the canvas with just the top of the W showing. I especially enjoy how the composition really spreads out over the canvas; seems to really fill up the space in a comfortable way; and how that yellowish bit of collage (at the top with the beginnings of the word "scienterrific") take you clear up to the top of the painting.

My last exhibition was a room full of my Dot Paintings. It was a good "hang" and I presented a concise statement and rather than "wall text", showed small thumbnails of the stages those paintings went through (next to each painting) to help further inform the viewer. An unexpected reaction to that was that several people liked the "underpaintings" better than the finished abstract pointillist work. This has caused me to rethink my direction and to revisit my signature style of acrylic painting, drawing, collage and writing. (You'll notice there's some dots thrown in for good measure.)

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