Monday, December 19, 2011

Dot, Lines and Circles

Andrea Ferrigno's art will take you places. She samples so many different styles with her dots and lines that you'll wonder which way is up. I beg you to visit her Blog and enjoy this girl's seemingly, ever-changing oeuvre; because just one image does not fully represent her work.

Image is from her Blog.


Eva said...

What a wonderful blog. You have put a lot of work into finding all of these wonderful artists. I will remember to give you a shout out the next post I do!

Bruce Black said...

I did check out Andrea's blog and enjoyed her work. It seems to stand somewhere between Terry Winters and Sigmar Polke, two artists that I greatly admire.

This is a fantastic blog by the way. It feels nice to have found a kindred spirit in terms of aesthetics and theory. Keep up the great work.

tackad said...

Bruce, you're right. I hadn't really thought of those artistic connections.
And thank you both for the encouragement !