Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fluid Lines (with meaning)


Smash 137  -  a fine contemporary Artist who's successfully transitioned his graffigraphy from the street to the gallery; deftly refocusing his abilities. This video from Graffuturism (and still images) gives a pretty good over view of the studio side of his oeuvre. Watching a b&w slideshow (complete with scintillating jazz) at Ruedione shows the strength of his compositions even without color.

I've had a "Smash File" for some time now; collecting links and wondering when I could properly present this artist's work. He is yet another example of how the many, familiar classic styles(schools) of modern and contemporary art are filtering through into street art today. His Diptych on concrete (below), with one panel empty is a familiar Andy Warhol trope. A short video of a Show at Speerstra has other examples that help make my point.

Justifiably proud of his work, his Website has 259 quality images. If that's too daunting for you, try skipping ahead by 3's or change the page number in your browser window. Besides traveling around the world, you'll soon notice that each piece (which is an iteration of his name) is titled and has it's own theme and color palette. The words "practice, practice, practice" come to mind and by-Jove, I think he's "got it". And yet, I much prefer his gallery pieces and hope this is just the beginning.

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