Sunday, April 01, 2012

The Frame's The Thing

When seeing the Andrew Wyeth Show at the Philadelphia Museum of Art several years ago, not only was I enraptured with the paintings, but completely overwhelmed with the effect that each unbelievably special custom frame had on the work; elevating it to a more magical level.

In my own practice I've been through several episodes of how to more perfectly frame a new painting and I can tell you that framing from scratch is pretty tricky and yet oh so rewarding. There's noting like a "artist's frame" to compliment a work.

And so it was a smile-smearing moment to come across this french art collective named KOLKOZ who, for this particular project make the frames (themselves) the work of art. How DID they do it so well ? haha

You'll find more examples Here.


John Diamond-Nigh said...

These guys sound French and it's a rather old device in Paris, actually, where frames inside frames are displayed in framer's windows. These guys in fact are ripping off a fairly old tradition. On the other hand, it is sorta like the American vogue a while ago of hanging a picture facing the wall to reveal the stretcher behind. I guess.

Another cool trick with frames–Seurat typically continued his painting right over the frame. So does Howard Hodgkin.

tackad said...

Well, that certainly puts a different spin on things. But I still admire the concept of frame as object and can't help but appreciate the effort that goes into framing well. . .