Sunday, September 23, 2007

The First Time

I saw work by Cy Twombly on the net, I practically fell out of my chair with disbelief. I was hooked and spent the next week or so researching him. Hadn't discovered how to use Goggle Images (and other image searches) yet, so it was a lot of late nights.

It was like a deja vu when i came across this painting by Lois Templeton. Bam !! This kind of work just really appeals to me. The subtle and shifting tones. The enigmatic and unreadable writing. The mystery - and yet it's so inviting; draws you in.

She was " . .born in 1928 and came home from the hospital in a laundry basket during a blizzard. It accounts for a lot.” And her work has even been described as "muscular".

The painting on the right came from on-the-cusp Blog.

With a little searching I came across some great pics of a show she had, "Never A Dull Moment" at the Editions Limited Gallery. What a bright, happy looking gallery. Sure wish we had something like that around here. Here's a painting from that show that just wows me.
You'll enjoy meeting Lois Templeton at her website. Sure would be fun to sit and talk with her for a bit; see how she came about developing her oeuvre

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