Saturday, September 08, 2007

Having Fun

Katharina Grosse is at it again. Her current Exhibit "Katharina Grosse: Picture Park" at the Gallery of Modern Art is her first major solo museum project in Australia, on view thru Oct 28. A first encounter with her work is mostly shocking and usually brings a smile at the freedom and scope and brazenness of her work. It causes one to consider painting and "art" and the rules that house those 2 concepts. I'm not a big installation fan, per sea, but I think it would really be enjoyable drifting thru her work alone and unbothered - just very simply appreciating her color and the obvious tale of her physical actions. Below is a shot of her exhibit at the Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago "Atoms Inside Balloons" this spring. Another fun and powerful statement and experience. It really does the mind good to encounter these large, freewheeling works, the way it miniaturizes you and gives a feeling of being young. It opens your mind again.

You can visit her homepage listed in the left on my blog page (near the bottom) under Homepages.

And as with any artist, there's the good, the so-so and the inspired. And for all the good feeling that these works inspire, I'm still the kind of person that Really likes his paintings on a carry able size, normal support(canvas, wood, panel . .). So the works that appeal to me most are these, in the room to the right. As for installations, I think Life itself is a rather big and complex, yet intimate one and I like hanging and encountering works of art in that installation. At the end of the day, what I'd rather have is the "captured" version of her work; an easily measurable and hang able and portable trophy.

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