Friday, November 14, 2008

Drawing Dots

Why would anyone draw a dot ? I guess someone who was taking their time and considering simple things.
Alan Green wanted to make "ordinary paintings" and in many of his works he uses dots to accomplish that. But what may have seemed ordinary to him is quite special and sometimes spectacular.

The image, Drawing No. 3642003, mixed media on paper 50 x 34 cm is from Annely Juda Fine Art. You'll want to read their statement about him HERE, to get a handle on just what he was about. What's rather fascinating is that the works from the 70's are all squares. The Tate has 25 images from that period, that I find quite boring.

What really turns me on are the images of his work HERE. I think some of these are just stupendous.

Note; It's unfortunate that although the images in the last link are from Annely Juda Fine Arts, you can't access them from their site to see a larger version. If you find a way, please contact me.

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