Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Another New Year

A lot of blogs have done their list of impressive Artists or Shows and when the end of the year comes it certainly is a time for reflection and we usually try to say something important.

I've had several thoughts about what to say at this special time, but they seem to dissolve and fade. So I think I'll just remind us that this is a great time to count all our blessings large and small and to resolve to try harder to do those things which we've put off or ignored.

Wishing you all a Wonderful New Year !

Phillip Allen is an artist I've admired since first seeing his work. What a mind. And ain't it great to be in these postmodern times where artists have the freedom to make work like this ? The image is from his current show "Sloppy cuts no ice" at The Approach Gallery in London, where they so generously provide 20 installations shots of the show.

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troylloyd said...

cheers! cheers!
for the ought aught niner!

muchmany happinesses to your life &
may the living live up to life!

hey Dean:

my first comment here, i must compliment you on the beautiful blog you've assembled -- as well as being a joyful eyeexperience, it contains vast informations for vital research & provides the perfect platform for thrusting forward toward that massive abstraction which is the world.