Monday, December 08, 2008

Small Dots

The long story is that I had torn out an b&w ad from the NYTimes and taped it to my bedroom door. And for about a year I would see this everyday. There were many times when different thoughts about some of the possibilities for turning this into a work of art would gel and then dissipate. Actually, I rather enjoyed it just the way it was. Something very reassuring about this guy sitting in his lofty apartment overlooking Central Park; what with his stone floors and vast window views which he's ignoring while he reads the paper with a cup of coffee - just like I would. (click for larger view)
Well, finally the day came and I affixed this to a 16x20 canvas and proceeded to color it; found a stopping point and started with the dots, when suddenly I realized that I was using all the same size dots. Hadn't I graduated to using dots of different sizes and not completely covering the canvas ? Oh well, guess I'll do just one more like this. And then, tired of strategically applying the colored dots, it seemed to be time for the silver. Before too long, by golly, it was done.

Having seen the original "under painting", I'll always look into the painting and find the guy drinking his coffee, sitting at the long counter with the bowl of fruit. I'm continually surprised by the way this painting fascinates me and keeps my attention in spite of the almost haphazard way in which I applied the color and the dots. It was an experiment, of sorts, of trying to be casual; not being to precious with it.
To tell the truth, sometimes I really miss the original (at top) and wonder how else it might have turned out. But I'm at peace with the final product and find myself comfortably staring at it, just like when it was taped to the door. It's titled "Surprising The Angel Of Defeat".

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Barbara J Carter said...

I love the dottified version!