Sunday, December 07, 2008

Dots and Gesture

I wonder if the Pointillists ever stopped to consider the flood gates they were opening, simply by deconstructing painting to each bush stroke of color ? At the time, their approach was so very radical, even scientific. That's really quite difficult for us to understand since we're surrounded and bombarded by every imaginable type of visual stimulus.

What a beautiful symphony of colored dots, large and small and flourishes of gesture we have here. We've left realism and pointillism way behind. Here in 2008, artists can simply paint their emotions. There are no restrictions, no restraints. It's as if we've finally arrived at a galaxy that used to be far, far away.

This image, "It was as if I had Opened a Door", acrylic and resin on aluminum 28.5" x 26" is by Bernal Koehrsen.

She's represented by the Blue Gallery in Kansas City. See more of her work HERE.


Victoria said...

Your blog is SO inspiration. THank you for seeking out all these wonderful artists links.

Love it ! I visit often


tackad said...

My pleasure !