Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun With Scribbles

When does scribbling cross the line into graffiti ? If you take just a moment, the original meaning for graffiti will come to you. And just what is doodling ? I'm hard pressed to describe the work of Jeff Asan. He doesn't fit neatly into any of my categories, but he certainly qualifies to be seen here.


His Website has lots of images for you to browse and you can come to your own conclusions. Although his Statement is sparse and basically says he's having fun, it does give a touch of insight into his oeuvre. Hopefully he'll grace us with more information in the future.
The image is from re-title.

1 comment:

JA said...

Thanks for the attention ! !!
the art here; hhmmm...
you know as simple and pedestrian
as it all sounds , GUT feeling is what I go on; whats the basis ?
I think of these paintings that I am doing in Berlin as "figurative abstract" its give and take , and as much as I theorize with process, the element of surprise ,leaves one wanting more,

sincerely ,