Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sculptural Pointillism

Masako Kamiya's work is quite amazing. There's something going on here; you can sense it. Her work draws you closer and then the mystery is revealed. She applies dots of paint on top of dots of paint until you have little half inch stalactite columns. Views from the side reveal the different colors she's employed. Unbelievably, except for the logo at her Web Site, there are no closeups or side views of any of her work to let you in on her little secret; but they're all still entertaining, none the less.

This is a wonderful concept, the stacking of the dots for a 3 dimensional effect; but most of her works come across quite well as minimal pointillism. The works are quiet and soothing. You'll find more of those kinds of works at Gallery NAGA. You'll also want to see her work at Mass. Cultural Council, where her works on paper are a little more playful.

With few exceptions, postmodern pointillism is a celebration of the dots of paint. The days of using this genre to portray realism are long gone.

Image is from Gallery NAGA.

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Barbara J Carter said...

I saw her work a few years ago, when I lived in Boston. It's quite a treat to look at it up close and from the side. She uses a LOT of different colors to make up the little stacks.