Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Paintings With Writing


The work of Francois Bonjour is somewhat of an acquired taste. At first glance, some of his work looks like simple, beautiful mark-making, but more study reveals what looks like writing in his paintings. That mystery draws you in as you try to make out letters and words and before you know it you're emotionally involved with the work. You'll be hard pressed to find a single item about him in English and it took some sleuthing to find descent images of his work. There is one site though that has plenty of images and a very intriguing video of his 2008 show.

When you go to his Web Site , click on Galleria and then you'll see images representing seven different exhibits. Click on an image, it enlarges and you'll notice the title to the left. Under that title, in VERY faint print, are the titles of other images that you can click and view. There is no back button function, so just click on Galleria again to return. Clicking on the 2008 Exhibit image automatically starts a wonderful video of that show, complete with music. And like the other pages, the clickable titles of other images are on the left, under the word Video. It's all much easier than it sounds and well worth the visit.

Three interesting pics form his show at Galleria Si Ringrazia are worth a look and then there's photos of the Vernissage of his 2007 show MACELLERIA D'ARTE (click on the impressionen von der Vernissage(link). ....Larger versions of those pictures can be found on Flickr.

image is from La Colomba

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