Monday, September 28, 2009

Eastern Abstract Calligraphy

This work by Nasser Azizi Joshan is a good example of contemporary, eastern abstract calligraphy today. With a rich heritage steeped in calligraphy, these new artists are heading in new directions in abstraction and meaning.

The top image is the better of the three works on his page at the Mah Art Gallery where you'll find many other artists to pique your interest. There's definitely a different perspective from the other side of the planet and it's invigorating to see these other styles and oeuvres.

This beautiful painted calligraphy piece by Ali Akbar Mikhak is refreshing and yet there's a familiar quality to it. It seems to echo the oeuvres of several European artists who delved into abstract calligraphy. This image also is from the Mah Art Gallery and you can see 40 examples of his work starting Here.

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