Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Postmodern Master

There's a magical mysteriousness to the works of Cy Twombly; an enjoyment you can't quite explain. I remember discovering him for the first time and I just COULD not get my fill. Night after night of searching the Web only drew me in deeper and wanting more.

An artist friend and I went to NYCity to see his show at the Whitney a couple years ago and it ended up becoming somewhat of a religious experience. One whole floor was dedicated to his work. As you walked towards a painting to get a closer look, the painting would just stop you at the proper distance and your mind would just be empty; wholly focused on the work before you. At one point I whispered to Dale that if we tried to explain to others the artwork we were so enraptured with, they'd never believe we were so smitten with these "scribbles".

You can check out many more images to your heart's content on Google Image Search.
Top image is from Austria Info, bottom image from Museum Moderner Kunst.


Seth said...

I can totally relate to what you are saying about Twombly. Seeing his work in person is such a magical experience.

Bruce Black said...

I have loved Twombly for years. I love the absolute freedom of his approach. There is something very elemental or instinctive about the process of mark making in that way. To stand in a room of his work is an awesome experience.

Unfortunately, so many people that I show Twombly's work to, just don't get it. They see a charlatan where I see magnificence. I suppose you either get him or you don't.


tackad said...

I too have been amazed by his ability as an artist and his courage as a person to take his own route.