Friday, September 04, 2009

Unusual Perspective

The architect of the Serralves Museum deserves mega bonus points for the placement of the large window in this gallery. And these "balls" by Katharina Grosse are the perfect foil to make one feel like a child again.

This is yet another reminder of how thought provoking her work can be. She's one wild woman with an industrial strength spray gun and her works tend to mess with your preconceived notions of art.
Her Website has a ton of images for you to peruse; so put on some coffee . . . .

Spotted this image on Rachel Sitkin's We Make It Art, Blog in her Art I Saw In Portugal, Post. Her Blog is usually about art in Baltimore. Rachel is also an artist and curator in Baltimore and you'll want to visit her Website too.
I would assume that this is her, in amongst the balls.

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