Monday, March 26, 2012

The Language Of Painting

Language-based painting can mean different things and there are many trains of thought about how one could incorporate words/language into a painting. I've always found it fascinating that lines can bring to mind an image (of a person or thing) and just as easily cause us to try to read (when we perceive words). Either way it's wonderful to see how differently artists build their compositions.

Anne-Marie Cosgrove chooses to use language itself as the basis for her abstractions. The effect is tantalizing as we try to read the work. She speaks about her style in this video and you'll find more paintings at her Website.

Image is from Center On Contemporary Art Blog.


John Diamond-Nigh said...

Interesting how Cosgrove's textual line echoes Lasker's completely non-literate web of lines. Not the same, but similar. Thanks, by the way, for posting Lasker's stuff. I like his work a lot, better than Bartlett on whose work I was, even so, too harsh.

Adeaner said...

Yes, I hadn't noticed the similarieties in their work.
And I'm not always a fan of every artist I post about - it's just that they're relevant to the cause.
We all like what we like . . . . .