Saturday, March 24, 2012

Postmodernizing, Pointillism

This may not be the most beautiful example of Jennifer Bartlett's work, but it gives you a good introduction to how she thinks. We have an image broken down into individual dots and then it's then further reduced with a negative grid. Jennifer takes the whole notion of pointillism and turns it inside out and then revisits it from several different angles; even using short lines to the same effect. If this is not making any sense, simply click on this Google Image Search link and as you slowly scroll down you'll see how she goes from realism to pointillist strokes to dots, dots with words and beyond; the variations are a bit mind numbing and she has my utmost respect for pursuing these trains of thought.

Locks Gallery has a nice overview of her work.

Image is from bombsite.


John Diamond-Nigh said...

She's an old NY pro, but I have seldom found her work to be more than erudite cake-decorating. Then again, cake-decorating is quite a bit better than a lot of art I can think of.

tackad said...

I can see why you would feel that way, but I'm still impressed that she would research pointillism in these different modes - strokes, dots and sections or groupings.
I see her work as scientific papers and notes with more than a few lovely results.