Wednesday, July 04, 2012

2-Dimensional Sculpture

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It just takes a second or two of looking at Michael Zelehoski's unique wall pieces to be msytified and mesmerized. Something about the textures and angles makes them feel unresolved. Having worked in a woodworking shop, I immediatley fell in love with his process and was amazed by the simplicity of the idea which induces very complex mental reactions. It's very fitting to call these sculptures, once you understand how they're made; and even then it's hard to believe they're 2-dimensional.

The above image, was the first encounter I had with his work and it's a sly and gentle teaser. You're not real sure what you're looking at, but there does seem to be some realness and craft involved.

Visit his Website and be blown away!
 His work plays with perspective, his compositions are simple and subtle and the more you see, the more amazed and appreciative you become. Be sure to watch the video (on his Website) to get a sense of the realitiy of the making of these incredible mind-teasers.

This is the back-side of a piece titled "Picnic Table" and gives you a bit of a clue as to what's going on.

An interview at Glasschord helps you understand his train of thought and a visual and verbal visit to his studio at ArtSake rounds out the picture.

Picnic Table image is from onartetc.

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