Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mirrored Words

Robert Barry abandoned painting in the late 60's and dedicated himself to expressing himself in other ways; most often with words. A fascinating concept, really; this whole thing with "a picture is worth a thousand words" versus reading actual words which work quite well in conjuring images. Either way, I quite like his diptychs where he frosts the glass - leaving the words clear and on the other half the words are frosted. So, for all their prettiness and simple charm, Barry's works are loaded with intellectualism and thought provoking ideas.

His page at Gallerie Greeta Meert has a concise blurb that lets you know where he's coming from and good links (with pics) to his many exhibitions there, along with selected works from each show. The Brooklyn Rail has a nice piece that sheds more light. You also might want to see his "Silver" Exhibition.

In his Show titled "Words And Music", with giant silver words splayed across walls and ceilings; the whole concept of graffiti comes to mind and yet you can't bring yourself to call it that because it's so formal and restrained. Avery strange effect, indeed.

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