Wednesday, July 04, 2012


The work on the left is by Farzad Kohan and I'm not sure if the positive elements are collage or what's left of an underpainting after he applied the green ground. Either way, it reminded me of my painting on the right, titled "Moron". There is an underpainting that I "washed out" wih an off-white glaze. The next step was tracing out the letters of the phrase and then painting the bluish ground for contrast. It's always a pleasure to exhibit this painting and watch people try to figure out the phrase. A few get it instantly, but most take several minutes and a few never do get it. (the answer is at the bottom)  I'm convinced it has more to do with your current mental state than any amount of smarts you have.

The image of Farzad's work is from his Blog which you'll want to visit because this particular piece is a one-off and not representative of his oeuvre. His Website showcases his abstract paintings.

EVRYBOdy is Just Exacty Where They're Sposed to BE

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