Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alexander Echo

It was about five years ago that I discovered Cy Twombly. Awe-struck and amazed, for the next month it was an unending search for all things Twombly. A very similar feeling came over me when I came across this next artist, whose purpose behind his oeuvre is so very different. The bad news is that there's a limited amount of his work on the Internet. The good news is that he has a Website. So without further ado, and with great enthusiasm, I would like to introduce you to Alexander Echo.


Visit his Web site, where you can check out his paintings and drawings. See 7 more images of the artist and his work at Stefan Falke's Eye. (blog)

And one more great image Here.

Image is from his web site.


harold hollingsworth said...

again, nice work and love that another painter used the poetry of Rene Ricard to charge into work with. I had a show here in Seattle in the early nineties where I used some of his poems from the DIA published works as fodder for doing my own abstractions, so again thank you Dean for the introduction!

tackad said...

So glad that my humble effort at researh is of value to others !