Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kuno Gonschior

Periodically an artist will strike me as somewhat of an hero. Sometimes it's as simple as the look on their face that describes their personality. (For all of the reading and research, we still tend to stereotype all artists.) Other times, it's because of the life they've lived and the experiences they've had. Mostly though, it's their persistence in a particular oeuvre that impresses me.

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There are many artists who fit into this category, but it just so happens that I was looking at Kuno Gonschior's work today and was struck by the absolute consistency of his work through the years.
The painting on the left "Untitled", seems to be less about pointillism than it is about attaching bits of paint to the canvas. Done in 1959/60, it's the earliest example of his work on his website, which is all in German. This is about as straight forward as you can get; attach bits of paint (just one color, using a palette knife, probably) to what looks like raw linen. But it's well done and it works. Fast forward to 2006 and the painting on your right, titled "Landscape (Magenta)". He's absolutely made a lot of progress; the colors are enough to make you swoon. But he's still completely true to that first concept of attaching paint to canvas and gives us so much more than just 2 dimensions.
Some of us need to try this and that, searching for answers to questions we don't even know. It's just a real pleasure to see someone who found an answer and so eloquently reiterated it through the years.
Both images are from from his website Here's the link to his "Works" page.

You'll absolutely want to go here and take the beautiful virtual tour of his show at Galerie Frank Schlag & CIE.
Then go here to see another great virtual tour of his exhibit at Museum für Konkrete Kunst.

And you'll want to see the powerful new paintings (some from 2007) from his show that just ended March 8th at the Stux Gallery, New York.

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