Wednesday, March 05, 2008


These two beauties were painted 23 years apart by two distinctly different artists.
The painting on the left is by Daniel Mendel-Black and was painted in 2006, the very same year that the painting on the right, by Gerhard Richter, sold at Sotheby's November Auction for $2,368,000.

You certainly can't help but notice the squeegeed, quasi rainbows in both; the vertical canary yellow, the addition of thick black strokes and some goldfish orange. They both even have the thin undulating green lines.
If you go to Daniel's page at the Mandarin Gallery and view the 12 works there (of which this is one), you'll soon come to the conclusion that he's not copying anybody. He's found his own oeuvre and is pursuing it fully.
But it certainly is interesting that Daniel's painting "#69" from 2006 should have so many elements that are similar to those in Gerhard's "Maria(544-4), 1983 - Image from Artnet.


Anonymous said...

maybe in the future mendel-black has the same price than richter.
richter = god

tackad said...

I kinda doubt it.
If you research the depth of Richter's work you'll understand his standing in the art historical context and the importance of his many oeuvres = the big bucks.
Plus, Mendel-Black is a youngun; born in 1966.